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Experimental and One off beers will be listed on this page. Some may make it to market, others may not.

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Launch date: September 11th, 2020

The Archduke

Hazy Pale Ale

This Hazy Pale Ale is a beautiful pale gold color that has a soft mouthfeel. It’s all of the hoppy goodness in a smaller ABV format that almost demands multiple pints. Brewed with a healthy portion of flaked oats, Idaho 7, Azacca, Galaxy and Bru-1; this crush worthy brew is packed like a tropical fruit lunch with tons of citrus and melon forward tones.

5.4% ABV 30 IBUs

Major Chief Collaboration

Launch date: July 2020

Major Chief

A Hoppy Lager

This crushable hoppy lager is a collaboration between us and the great team at Brick and Barrel. Expect all the light snap of a lager with light grassy citrus notes from the dry hop charge. 

Launch date: March 2020

Away For The Day

Big'n Hazy IPA

Brewed as a collaboration with JAFB and Heinens, this hazy Double IPA is beaming with orange citrus, papaya, and other tropical fruits. A luscious mouthfeel and a slight sweetness make this beer incredibly drinkable

7.75% ABV 42 IBUs

Communication Breakdown

Launch date: 3/06/2020

Communication Breakdown

A Hazy IPA

This carefully crafted brew is dripping with the aroma of Mango, Peach, Papaya and citrus. With a velvety smooth mouthfeel, this beer goes down easy and reminds us of the warmer weather on the horizon.

Tasting Highlights: Hazier, Fruitier and Juicier than…..SORRY WE HAVE LOST OUR INTERNET CONNECTION, PLEASE STAND BY…………..…………..

7.3% ABV 35 IBUs

Launch date: 12/11/2019

Winter Warmer

Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged

Our spiced Winter Warmer brewed slightly bigger (10% abv) and aged for 4 months in bourbon barrels used by Bliss for their bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup.  Big sweet maple & malt synergy of flavor with subdued spicing and a touch of bourbon and oak character.  A Yuletide sipper if there ever was one.

10% ABV 25 IBUs

Sultan of Brewnei #1

Launch date: 12/20/2019

Sultan of Brewnei #1

Double IPA

This one-off double IPA is filled with hoppy notes of warm tropical fruits like passionfruit, papaya, and guava. This beer features a bouquet of hop character and sweet malt that is balanced with a resinous bitterness that reminds us of classic West Coast IPAs. Cheer to experimentation!

Tasting Highlights: Intensely hoppy. passionfruit. Papaya. Guava. Slightly sweet. West Coast Bitterness #1

8.2% ABV 90 IBUs

Launch date: 11/08/2019

Pre-Cretaceous Pils

Pre-Prohibition Pils

Our collaboration with Millersburg Brewing, Nano Brew, and Hansa Brewing,  features 6-row barley, malted corn, and Cluster hops, in this clean historic pilsner that harkens back to a simpler time. A time that reminds us that some things are just worth the effort. We hope you enjoy this snapshot of history as much as we do. 

Tasting Highlights: Clean. Clear. Mild Hop note. Slightly bitter but balances the malt sweetness. 

6% ABV 35 IBUs

Launch date: 10/03/2019


Hazy India Pale Ale

This slightly hazy New England IPA (Its preferred personal adjectives: juicy, fruity, delicious) is loaded with hoppy goodness that will leave you triggered if you don’t have another

Tasting Highlights: Slightly hazy. Intense Mango. Papaya. Tropical Fruit. Low bitterness. 

6.5% ABV 35 IBUs

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