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One Off Brew Kettle Beers

Experimental/One-off and collaboration beers will be listed on this page. 

Peninsula Pale Ale

An Experimental Pale Ale. We took a classic brightly dry hopped pale ale recipe and added new zealand phantasm powder (New Zealand Grape Must) which imparts massive notes of tropical & stone fruits especially when paired with the chemical compounds found in hops.

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Headlands Ohio Pilsner

Crisp and clean with a floral hop nose and finish. this pilsner is brewed using west branch malting pilsner malt out of Brunswick and E’desem hops grown and processed at sunny acres farm and barn talk hops in sharon township

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Primavera – A Margarita Sour Ale

We started with a bright and tangy Imperial sour base ale then aged it in tequila barrels for 6 months Then injected it with that sweet, Tart, Lime and tropical orange. The finished Nectar is a smooth sour ale that reminds the palate of the brightness of spring!

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Heritage Porter – A Robust Porter

Heritage Porter Robust Porter – 6% ABV 25 IBUs – A dark & decadent porter with a chocolatey jab and a roasty right hook. Brewed for the mustached gentlemen who fears not the occasional round of
civilized fist-i-cuffs.

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Ohio Wet and Fresh

Ohio Wet and Fresh – Fresh Hop IPA 2021

This is our annual “Wet Hopped” beer featuring Ohio Hops. Wet hops refers to brewing with hops freshly harvested and used in the brew without drying and processing them. “Fresh” refers to the same hops that are dried and used within weeks of harvest.

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Trident White Rajah 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

The ‘Trident Hop’ is actually a specific three-hop blend packed with fruity, citrus, passion fruit, and tropical flavors and should be a fantastic addition to White Rajah’s smooth body and tropical hop blend. Cleveland, this one truly was brewed for you! Cheers!

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White Rajah Pog

Pog White Rajah 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

For this iteration of our anniversary Rajah series we used a combo of hops to create a backbone of passion fruit and orange citrus then added 110 gallons of passion fruit juice and 550 lbs of guava puree into the fermentation tank to boost the POG flavors already from the hops to give you a deliciously juicy twist of our famous White Rajah IPA.

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Jaguar Shark - Tart IPA

Jaguar Shark – A Tart IPA

A single hop hazy IPA with copious amounts of citra hops that is then blended with a sour beer. Produced with a specific yeast strain to create a clean sour base meant to enhance the fruity & citrus flavors of the Citra hop.

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