Heritage Porter – A Robust Porter


No Frills, American Robust Porter.

Coming to All Brew Kettle Pubs Friday at 5pm.

Ya know what? No. No we do not need chocolate. No coconut. No peanut butter or unicorn tears. Not even a drop.

This Porter speaks for itself with the carefully curated use of malt water yeast and hops.

Brewed with pride and tradition. Heritage Porter, is in a way, a salute to the fine city of Strongsville. The city we started in. The final beer brewed at our old home on pearl was our preliminary test for heritage Porter and we’re proud to bring it to all of Ohio.

Heritage Porter Robust Porter 6% ABV 25 IBUs
A dark & decadent porter with a chocolatey jab and a roasty right hook. Brewed for the mustached gentlemen who fears not the occasional round of civilized fist-i-cuffs.

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