Patience in uncertain times – Czech Pilsner – Collaboration Brew with Butcher and the Brewer


Patience In Uncertain Times

Patience in uncertain times

We’re ecstatic for collaboration brew With old friends at Butcher and the Brewer. All of us have a love for the lagers & the technique needed to do them successfully.

Inspired by other great breweries, we utilized a technique that existed before stainless steel tanks became available. Using pitch, a combination of pine resin & wax, we coated the inside of neutral wine barrels. This creates a flavor-neutral & air-tight vessel to age in. Time transforms this pale Czech-inspired lager, Hopped with Saaz & Sterling, into a delicate, nuanced beer. While the Pilsner is as crushable as a flower, we suggest you patiently enjoy This as much as we do. Certainly, it deserves as much as time & care as it took to make it.


Available at all Brew Kettle Pubs 7-2-21, and hits the market the following week.

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