Ogrefest 2022


Ogrefest 2022 - The Wizard of Uhhgg

A 17-year tradition of OVER THE TOP beers and funky foods fit for an Ogre.  Come celebrate with us! EXTRA SPECIAL OGREFEST  MENU STARTING AT 4PM Wednesday through Friday and 1PM on Saturday & Sunday

Strongsville & Mentor February 9-13

Hudson & Amherst February 16-20

Ogrefest Menu!

4PM Wednesday through Friday and 1PM on Saturday & Sunday


Flying Monkey Egg:  Yeah, a monkey egg.  (If it flies it hatches, people!)  One large jalapeno stuffed with pimento cheese then wrapped in a blanket of house-made sausage.  Smoked to perfection and topped with tomatillo salsa.  $6.99

Wicked Witch Peanut Pad Thai: Wicked good but not Wicked Spicy!  Pad Thai noodles tossed in a spicy peanut sauce served with sauteed chicken, red cabbage, carrots, scallions and of course peanuts for a crunch! $13.99

Cowardly Lion Po Boy:  Gather up your courage if you’re thinking of taking on this beast!  A 12-inch hoagie roll stuffed with a massive smoked Kielbasa buried under our tender pulled pork and a layer of crispy fries. Topped with tangy golden BBQ sauce.  (If you are still feeling cowardly…bring a friend…you’ll need it)  $17.99

Yellow Brick Road Fried Twinkie: There’s no place like home or a better way to end your meal then this childhood treat. A cream-filled sponge cake dipped in a sweet pancake batter and fried golden brown.  Served with a ruby red strawberry sauce. $7.99

Ogretini: Vanilla vodka, cake vodka, a splash of lime juice and a drop of green dye.  Finished off with a graham cracker rim and topped with whipped cream. $9


What is Ogrefest???

Ogrefest is a celebration of bold beers and big food fit for an Ogre! The annual Ogrefest event promises a great lineup of high-gravity beers packed with flavor! Imperial Stouts, Barleywines, Imperial IPA’s, and Old ales. A great opportunity to expand your beer palate and your taste buds with our smoked dinner specials. If you’re into great beers or outrageous foods, this is something you won’t want to miss!

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