Old 21 - Imperial IPA

Old 21 – Imperial IPA

We are bringing back some of our classics, Old 21 was a favorite among our Strongsville patrons years ago. Come back and try it again, you are going to love it.

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Brew Kettle Gift Cards

Brew Kettle Gift Cards

Gift cards can be used to BREW YOUR OWN BEER, MAKE WINE, DINE AT THE RESTAURANT, or purchase apparel and accessories at our Brew On-Premise or Wine Cellar!

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Ohio Wet and Fresh

Ohio Wet and Fresh – Fresh Hop IPA

This is our annual “Wet Hopped” beer featuring Ohio Hops. Wet hops refers to brewing with hops freshly harvested and used in the brew without drying and processing them. “Fresh” refers to the same hops that are dried and used within weeks of harvest.

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White Rajah Pog

Pog White Rajah 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

For this iteration of our anniversary Rajah series we used a combo of hops to create a backbone of passion fruit and orange citrus then added 110 gallons of passion fruit juice and 550 lbs of guava puree into the fermentation tank to boost the POG flavors already from the hops to give you a deliciously juicy twist of our famous White Rajah IPA.

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