Alien Pigeon Drone


Alien Pigeon Drone

Working with Magic City Brewing out of Akron we brewed a small batch of Hazy Dbl IPA featuring Lotus, Sabro & Mosaic Hops.  In fact, we put more hops per barrel in this beer than any beer we have ever made here at The Brew Kettle! The end result is a well-balanced unfiltered IPA with a ton of juicy citrus flavors. 

Available in very limited quantities 4 pk 16oz Cans at $17.99.

Alien Pigeon Drone

Incoming Transmission…

We have infiltrated your world and at any moment we shall strike. Only a few have known of our presence amongst you. Yet you have simply brushed those off as crazy tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. You should have heeded their warnings. For now it is too late. This Double IPA with Lotus, Strata, and Mosaic brewed in collaboration among the Brew Kettle and Magic City Brewing Company will warp your feeble human minds and you will have no control as we destroy you world.

End Transmission…

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