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Ogrefest 2023 – Lettin’ it all hang out!

Ogrefest 2023 - Lettin' it all hang out!

Our annual celebration of “BIG” beers and over-the-top foods to satisfy your inner Ogre. We are returning to our roots with a week-long celebration at our Strongsville location from Feb 13th to 19th! Ogrefest food specials will start at 4pm during the week, and at 11am on Saturday and Sunday. Scroll down for the beer list, menu for Ogrefest 2023 will be posted soon. Save the dates!


Ogrefest is a celebration of bold beers and big food fit for an Ogre! The annual Ogrefest event promises a great lineup of high-gravity beers packed with flavor! Imperial Stouts, Barleywines, Imperial IPA’s, and Old ales. A great opportunity to expand your beer palate and your taste buds with our smoked dinner specials. If you’re into great beers or outrageous foods, this is something you won’t want to miss!
This year, were lettin’ it all hang out!

This event is only in Strongsville this year. 

Ogrefest Beer list 2023 (Strongsville Only)

  1. TBK Double Bourbon Barrel Aged Tunguska
  2. TBK Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Jack Hammer
  3. TBK Bourbon Barrel Aged Jack Hammer 2017
  4. TBK Barrel Aged Amaraq
  5. TBK Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Tunguska
  6. TBK Barrel Aged Tunguska
  7. Oddside Rye Hipster Brunch – Imperial Coffee Stout ABV 12.7% IBU 66
  8. Alesmith Speedway Stout – Imperial Coffee Stout – Nitro ABV 12% IBU 70
  9. Three Floyds Behemoth – Barleywine ABV 10.5% IBU 80
  10. Three Floyds Pillar of Beasts – Barleywine ABV 13.7% IBU 18
  11. Boulevard BA Quad – Barrel Aged Belgian Quad ABV 12.2% IBU 26
  12. Prairie Birthday BOMB! – Imperial Stout ABV 13% IBU 65
  13. Revolution Straight Jacket – Barleywine ABV 13.1% IBU 30
  14. Toppling Goliath King Sue Imperial New England IPA ABV 7.8% IBU 100
  15. Toppling Goliath Fresh Batch Series: S’mores – Imperial Pastry Stout ABV 10%
  16. Equilibrium VitaminM(Sea)³ – Triple IPA ABV 10%
  17. Hidden Springs The Sun – Imperial Milk Stout ABV 10%
  18. Aslin Master of Oranges – Imperial IPA ABV 8.4%
  19. Perennial Abraxas – Imperial Stout ABV 11.5% IBU 80
  20. Fair State Lobster Stuffed With Tacos – Barrel Aged Pastry Stout ABV 13%
  21. Southern Grist Imperial Double Fruited Passion Fruit Mango Pineapple Hill – Sour ABV 7.1%
  22. Oxbow Brewing Company Barrel Aged Sap Haus ABV 7.5%
  23. Rhinegeist Red Wine Barrel Aged Night Whale – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout ABV 13.6%
  24. Untitled Art Barrel Aged Mexican Style Po De Crème – Barrel Aged Imperial Pastry Stout ABV 12.9%
  25. Roak Barrel Aged Peanut Butter Cup Devil Dog ABV 10.5% IBU 45
  26. DuClaw Devil’s Milk – Barleywine ABV 10% IBU 66
  27. DuClaw Devil’s Milk – Barleywine ABV 10% IBU 66
  28. Masthead Double Chocolate Where’s My Birthday Cake Aged in Bourbon Barrels – Year 6 ABV 14.4%
  29. Planted Flag Sean’s Honey of An IPA ABV9.7% IBU 70
  30. Great Lakes Barrel Aged Cream Ale ABV 6.5%


  1. 2012 Brooklyn Black Ops Russian Imperial Stout ABV 10.5% IBU 100
  2. Dogfish Head Oak Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout ABV 16%
  3. Founders CBS Imperial Coffee Stout ABV 11.3% IBU 45
  4. 2016 Epic Big Bad Baptista Imperial Coffee Stout ABV 11.7% IBU 65

Ogrefest 2023 Menu!

Boudin Balls

Traditional Cajun pork and liver sausage with onion, green pepper, celery and rice. Hand rolled in seasoned cornmeal and Fried golden brown. served with a mustard and bourbon aioli dipping sauce. Served in a sack with a few more than nature intended.

Captain "Insano" Wings

Gator legs actually! Hickory smoked gator legs topped with a smokey Poblano BBQ sauce… My, my, my, momma says you are gonna loves these! (While Supplies Last)

Gator Sauce Piquante

NEW YORK CITY!?!? No…..New Orleans! Tender gator and spicy tasso ham in a bright tomato sauce. Served over cheesy grits. So much flavor you’ll have to Pace yourself on this one.

Mud Bug Stew

Straight from the swamp, this classic New Orleans dish is a rich and savory stew full of crawfish tails and Louisiana flavor. Served with white rice and our Louisiana brand ambassador.

Bourbon Street Bread Pudding

Our mash up of classic Banana Fosters and bread pudding. Served with vanilla bean ice cream, pecan pralines and a bourbon caramel sauce. All the flavor without the flame.

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