Los Colores – Mexican Style Lager 2023


Los Colores Mexican Lager

Los Colores - A Mexican-style lager

“Los Colores” is a Mexican-style lager beer brewed by The Brew Kettle. This beer is characterized by its light body, crisp flavor, and refreshing finish, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy easy-drinking beers.

Los Colores Mexican Lager

Mike Crupi Photography @mikecrupiphoto Credit: @keg_and_camera

The name “Los Colores” translates to “the colors” in Spanish, and it is a nod to the vibrant colors and flavors of Mexico. The beer is brewed with traditional Mexican ingredients, including maize and flaked rice, which contribute to its light body and crisp finish. It also features a hint of lime, which adds a refreshing citrus note to the beer.

Los Colores Mexican Lager

Mike Crupi Photography @mikecrupiphoto Credit: @keg_and_camera

In addition to its delicious flavor, “Los Colores” also features unique artwork on its can label, which was created in collaboration with the band Tropidelic. Tropidelic is a six-piece band from Cleveland, Ohio, that blends elements of reggae, hip-hop, and funk to create a unique sound that they refer to as “urban island music.” The band’s colorful and energetic style is reflected in the can artwork for “Los Colores,” which features bold, tropical-inspired designs.

Los Colores Mexican Lager

Mike Crupi Photography @mikecrupiphoto Credit: @keg_and_camera

Overall, “Los Colores” Mexican lager beer from The Brew Kettle is a delicious and refreshing beer that pays homage to the vibrant culture and flavors of Mexico. Its collaboration with Tropidelic adds a fun and creative twist to the beer, making it a unique and enjoyable drinking experience.

Los Colores Mexican LAger

Working with Tropidelic we re-branded our Lime Mexican Lager into the beautifully colorful package it deserves. Finally, a can as beautiful as the weather in which we drink it. Bright, and refreshing with a sprinkle of sea salt and a zip of lime.

Viva Los Colores! 5% ABV, 15 IBU

Los Colores is part of our Semi-Annual beer series and can be found in all our pubs and well-stocked craft beer stores throughout Ohio.

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