The Brew Kettle
Semi-Annual Beers

The Brew Kettle semi-annual  brands are Los Colores, Kitka, A Sour Ale, A Summer Sour, and our Cowboy Coffee Porter

Los Colores

Mexican Style Lager

Working with Tropidelic we re-branded our Lime Mexican Lager into the beautifully colorful package it deserves. Finally a can as beautiful as the weather in which we drink it. Bright, and refreshing with sprinkle of sea salt and a zip of lime.


Coconut Chocolate Milk Stout

With a deceptively light body for such a dark and decadent beer, we take a traditional milk stout and add a sultry addition of Chocolate, Coconut, and Vanilla. This beer has enough dark flavors to survive the winter cold with waves of coconut make remind us of a tropical paradise. Kitka is always on the prowl, no matter what time of year

Cowboy Coffee Porter

Cowboy Coffee Porter

Let the Roasty Aromas of imported Sumatran beans and rich, dark cocoa notes & silky texture relax your soul as you take in the midwest sky.

Cherry Lime Rage

Fruited Sour Ale

We took our super smooth sour base & Punched with cherry juice and a squeeze of lime. Leaving us with a clean and ridiculously smooth and fruity tart ale.

Sour Ale

Wheat Ale

Coming Soon