Fatheads & Brew Kettle collaboration – National IPA Day


Fatheads & Brew Kettle Collaboration – National IPA Day

This year as we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of White Rajah we thought it would be fun brew a special IPA to celebrate National IPA day on Thursday August 5th.  A special beer brewed specifically for the day we celebrate the beer style that forever changed the course of our brewery. For this project we knew we wanted to make this beer as part of a collaboration and we also knew we wanted it to be with a special friend that has always been there pushing the envelope and making great beer locally in NE Ohio.  Fat Heads Brewery was always the perfect partner for such a celebration.

Mike Crupi Photography @mikecrupiphoto Credit: @keg_and_camera

Earlier this summer we got together with our good friends at Fatheads and began planning a two part collaboration.  Two beers using the same hop strains but brewed in different styles and with different yeast strains to give the customer a sense of what using the same hops in two different styles would do to the end product. In the end we decided that Fat Heads would brew a West Coast Style IPA on their brew system with the help of our brew team and The Brew Kettle would brew a Hazy IPA with the help of the Fat Heads brew team both utilizing the same hop strains. 

Mike Crupi Photography @mikecrupiphoto Credit: @keg_and_camera

Next we needed to pick out the hops for this project.  Working alongside the brew team at Fat Heads over the course of a couple days spent smelling/rubbing different hops we all came up with a unique blend of old school and new school hops for this collaboration series. We chose to use 5 different hops in total Sultana, Azacca, Chinook, Altanum & Citra Hops. The end result is in your face candied fruit aromatics followed with a soft mouth feel that leads to fruitiness upfront and followed with a touch of pine on the back. Making both the Hazy and West Coast versions of this beer a delicious crushable summer IPA. Whichever style you choose you wont be disappointed. Try them both!!  Please enjoy responsibly.

Mike Crupi Photography @mikecrupiphoto Credit: @keg_and_camera

National IPA Day Collaboration, Hazy IPA

India Pale Ale – 7% ABV 35 IBUs

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