Celebrate Ohio Pint day with The Brew Kettle 2022


Ohio Pint Day 2022

Celebrate Ohio Pint day with The Brew Kettle 2022

Ohio Pint Day is a fundraiser that directly supports the mission of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association: to promote, preserve, diversify and unify Ohio’s craft brewing industry.

Ohio Pint Day 2022

The Brew Kettle will be celebrating this day by tapping our “Ohio Wet and Fresh Fresh Hop IPA” 6.75% ABV 40 IBUs. We will be tapping at 11 am at all 4 TBK locations Tuesday, September 27th! Keep the glass for $2.00

This is our annual “Wet Hopped” beer featuring the Ohio-grown and developed hop, Alleigh. Wet hops refers to brewing with hops freshly harvested and used in the brew without drying and processing them. “Fresh” refers to the same hops that are dried and used within weeks of harvest. Due to the water content, you have to use 5 times the weight of “wet” hops you would with regular hops, but this produces a uniquely fresh flavor that sets it apart from a typical IPA.

For more information, visit https://ohiocraftbeer.org/ohiopintday/

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