Black Friday 2022 At The Brew Kettle


Strongsville Location

Black Friday Weekend at The Brew Kettle

Purchase a BREW or WINE SESSION  November 25th through November 27th and receive $50 off your Brew or Wine session.

All sessions will be charged our base price of $106.44.  All upgrades will be added on the date of your Brew Session.  If you are purchasing as a gift please pick a date that is available.  Dates may be changed after purchase as long as it is in the 1/1/2023-3/31/2023 time frame.

Vint your own wine!

Our professional wine coaches will ensure the very best winemaking experience and guide you through the process. It’s a whole new experience, next door and brought to you by Ohio’s original “Do-It-Yourself” brewery. Learn more about vinting your own wine here.

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