Oh You Oh Yeah Collaboration with 50 west



Oh You Oh Yeah Collaboration With 50 West

Due to overwhelming demand... the brew kettle pubs have sold out of cans. However, it is on tap now.

We are super excited to announce the release of our latest collaboration this time an 11.5% imperial stout brewed with @fiftywestbrew. This brew is our attempt to recreate the infamous Hot Nut from @tonysbar_athensohio

We infused with this big bold stout with Hazelnuts from @heggysnutshop and a unique blend of @hoof_hearted_coffee

We hope the end result will remind everyone of the beauty of the Hot Nut and of a simpler time during their college experience!

Thank You to everyone who helped make this project a reality!!

A limited number of 6 packs will be available at all Brew Kettle pubs 12/15/2021,

The beer will be available in most areas of the state in limited quantities starting this week. Depending on where you live. Check are the retailers who consistently sell local craft beer.  If you are in NE Ohio most Heinen’s locations will be selling the product.

Mike Crupi Photography @mikecrupiphoto Credit: @keg_and_camera

After a bit of back and forth with the crew at 50 West, we realized many of us shared fond collegiate memories from simpler times spent in Athens, OH. Life was a bit smaller, slower, and our responsibilities were far fewer. As we swapped stories, a specific homey bar, Tony’s, and their infamous Hot Nut struck a chord. A simple mix of Coffee and Hazelnut perfectly embodied what we were all missing. 


To attempt to recreate a Hot Nut, we turned to some close friends of ours to help out. Our hazelnuts came from an icon in Northeast Ohio, Heggy’s Nuts. We then partnered with Hoof Hearted Coffee from Columbus for a unique blend of coffee that would marry all the flavors together. 

Mike Crupi Photography @mikecrupiphoto Credit: @keg_and_camera

We hope this beer makes Tony’s proud and resonates with everyone who has shared a memory in the little college town of Athens, OH. We are grateful to have been able to bring together partners from all over this state to create something special.

Mike Crupi Photography @mikecrupiphoto Credit: @keg_and_camera

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