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Ogrefest 2024 – I want My ABV

Ogrefest 2024

Ogrefest 2024 (strongsville only)

Save the Dates Feb 12th-18th!

What is Ogrefest? Ogrefest is a celebration of bold beers and big food fit for an Ogre! The annual Ogrefest event promises a great lineup of high-gravity beers packed with flavor! Imperial Stouts, Barleywines, Imperial IPA’s, and Old Ales. This is a great opportunity to expand your beer palate and your taste buds with our smoked dinner specials. If you’re into great beers or outrageous foods, this is something you won’t want to miss!

Ogrefest 2024 Line Up

This Years Menu

Shout At The Devil…..Eggs -Breaded and fried for a crispy crust with a ogre-style egg filling.  Served with strips of Habanero Honey Glazed Pork Belly.  A crunch that comes at you hard like the Cru with a creamy egg filling as soft as a Foreigner mix tape.

Shout At The Devil…..Eggs

Take Bahn ME – Our take on a traditional Bahn Mi sandwich. Tender Confit Duck topped with a refreshing Asian salad and served with a Siracha Aioli.  Your first bite will be an Ah-Ha moment with this flavor combination. 

Appetite For Destruction – You’ll truly need one, or at least a groupie to help. A 64oz bone in beef shank smoked and braised to perfection. Served with garlic rosemary mashed potatoes, glazed rainbow carrots, braised cipollini onions, rich beef gravy and toast points to sop it up.

Sold Out…

Appetite For Destruction

Raaaaaaspberry Sorbet – Pistachio Biscotti dipped in white chocolate and served with a refreshing raspberry sorbet. Topped with fresh whipped cream, crushed pistachios and mint. A dessert you wouldn’t find at the Five and Dime.

Raaaaaaspberry Sorbet

Ogrefest 2024 Beers

Updated list 12:21PM Monday 2/12

Ogrefest 2024 Beer List

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