Retired Brew Kettle Beers

Beers in our “Retired” section could make a comeback at any time… pester us through our contact page about taking something out of retirement and brewers will get an email.

Shandy Shores

Blood Orange Shandy

Get ready for the thrills of summer with this Tropical Remix of Pineapple, Mango, Black Cherry, and Blood Orange. Sit back and relax as these flavors rush over you like waves on a “Shandy Shore”. (retired)

One Eyed Jack

Robust Porter

One-Eyed Jack Porter – A full-bodied and complex dark ale with flavor notes of coffee and chocolate complementing its big malty character. (retired)

Four Cs

American Pale Ale

Cascade, Centennial, Columbus and Chinook hops create abundant aromas, flavors that give this beer its name. (retired)

L'Hazy Mango

New England Style India Pale Ale

Purposely cloudy. Done as they do in the northeast, not because it is easy, but to accentuate the hops! Or so “they” say. Ours is a blend from near and far with the addition of real Mango juice and flavors to tropical juice up this already juicy IPA. (retired)

Old 21

Imperial India Pale Ale

A Big, Bold, double IPA! Straight up Simcoe hops through and through give this hop bomb its bang. (retired)

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