Always Vibin – Summer Wheat Ale – 2023


Always Vibin Summer Wheat Ale

Always Vibin Summer Wheat Ale

It’s that time of year again folks. The vibin flamingo has come back once again to roost. Who says flamingos can’t drink beer. They can drink beer. They can do anything. They’re amazing. They said flamingos couldn’t skateboard. They were wrong. What else were they wrong about. The flamingos need answers.

Always Vibin Summer Wheat Ale

Edgewater Is looking great these days folks, the sun is hitting hard and the vibes are hitting harder. Anyways,  Always Vibin our ridiculously refreshing citrus summer wheat is on shelves and in our pubs now! A delicious batch this year brewed with a new more tropical yeast strain

Always Vibin’ Wheat Ale – 5.5% ABV 20 IBUs
This summer wheat drinks so smooth it’s like carving down a perfectly paved street. Full of refreshing citrus notes balanced by wheat malt, this beer crushes and keeps the easy vibes going all summer long, regardless of your destination.

Always Vibin Summer Wheat Ale

Mike Crupi Photography @mikecrupiphoto Credit: @keg_and_camera

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