The Brew Kettle
Seasonal Beers

The Brew Kettle seasonal  brands are Monocle, Black Rajah, Always Vibin, Oktofest, Whaite Rajah Jalepeno, and Winter Warmer


Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout

A decadent chocolatey peanut butter beer with the tiniest touch of sea salt brings those familiar candy flavors to life in a smooth American stout. We’re all a little nuts out here!

Black Rajah

India Pale Ale

A Black IPA full of tropical fruit players and assertive bitterness and a hint of roasted malt. Featuring Citra hops.

Always Vibin’

Wheat Ale

This summer wheat drinks so smooth it’s like carving down a perfectly paved street. Full of refreshing citrus notes balanced by wheat malt, this beer crushes and keeps the easy vibes going all summer long, regardless of your destination.


German-Style Fest Bier

Amber hued with a rich malty character from a blend of German malts with just a touch of German Tettnang hops for added complexity.

Jalapeño Rajah

India Pale Ale

Our Award Winning IPA is stuffed full of Fresh Chopped jalapenos with a new can design for 2022!


Christmas Ale

A Christmas Ale packed with the spices of the holidays; cinnamon, ginger, orange & lemon peel, and a sleigh load of honey. A beer that’s loaded with holiday cheer!