Cedar Point - Craft Beer Thrill Pack

Cedar Point - Craft Beer Thrill Pack - The Brew Kettle


Enjoy all of Cedar Point beers in one thrill pack!


Cedar Point - Frontier Trail Ale - The Brew Kettle

A Pale Ale featuring American hops for a light citrus flavorand aroma and firm bitterness.


Cedar Point - Iron Horse Porter - The Brew Kettle

A full bodied porter, dark and rich with hints of coffee and chocolate.


Cedar Point - Rougabrew Lager - The Brew Kettle

A light and refreshing Munich-style lager. Bready, lightly sweet maltiness with a soft and easy drinking finish. Perfect for a hot summer day of ride taming.


Cedar Point - Shandy Shores - The Brew Kettle

A bright and sunny thirst quencher featuring real blood orange for a tart citrus zing with a hint of real mango for a tropical twist. This easy drinking refreshing brew won’t slow you down, perfect to enjoy all summer long.


Cedar Point - Slaughterhouse Red - The Brew Kettle

A malty amber ale with hints of caramel and toffee with a sweet malty finish.


Cedar Point - Valravn - The Brew Kettle

Teetering between blood red and pitch black malt and hops battle for supremacy with every sip... which one will rise to power and claim the crown...DARE.2DIVE.


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