Attention employees of the Brew Kettle

You're new website entitles you to have a email account for anyone who wants one.  Below is the form to contact the webmaster to set this up for you.  There are a few choices.  Please read below.

Your Name

Your Current email address

@thebrewkettle.com address you want.

Password you would like to use for this account. Suggestion; first initial and last name together will cut down on spam.example:cmckim@thebrewkettle.dotcom instead of chris@thebrewkettle.dotcom

How would you like to receive your email? Please review the options below

Online email like AOL

When your already online, you can go to http://mail.thebrewkettle.com and log in with your new email address and password to get your mail.  You can do this from any computer in the world.  This option is also available if you choose the pop3 account.

Forward my new email account to my current email address

This option simply forwards the new email account to your already existing email account.  You cannot go online to retrieve them with the address above.  Nothing on your end needs to be done.  Only downside, you cannot reply using the new email account address, you will need to use the existing email account.

Pop 3 email account

You can set up your email as a pop3 email account.  This means you can retrieve it locally on your computer while your online using outlook, outlook express, or other various email clients.  The example below is for outlook, but the general settings will work for most email pop3 clients.

Incoming pop3 mail.thebrewkettle.com Outgoing SMTP (use your existing account)