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Our Beers





  1. Alterier Motive
  2. Awesome IPL
  3. 4cs
  4. Babee Bock
  5. Big Woody
  6. Black Rajah
  7. Blarney Stone
  8. Cedar Point
  9. Cherry Red Ale
  10. Chestnut Brown
  11. Chiefs Rye
  12. Dark Helmet
  13. Der Sommer Weizen
  14. Eaglewiess
  15. Elaborate Ruse
  16. El Lupulo Libre
  17. Erie Gold Amerikolsch
  18. ESB
  19. Frambozen
  20. FN Awesome
  21. Gigantische Holzig
  22. GranDaddy’s CAPPP
  23. Herbst Weisen
  24. Imperial Red Eye
  25. Irish Red
  26. Jack Hammer
  27. Journey Tour Variety  6 Pack
  28. Jungle Rajah
  29. Kitka Milk Stout
  30. Lake BeErie (retired)
  31. L'Hazy Mango
  32. Lil' Hammer
  33. Mac Daddy Scotch Ale
  34. Mashie Niblic
  35. Mod Quad
  36. Neo Brown
  37. Oktofest
  38. Old 21
  39. One Eyed Jack
  40. Rocksino - Find Your Rythm
  41. Ruddy Rye
  42. Rougabrew
  43. Safe Space
  44. Simcoe Sessionable
  45. Sour Patch Dudes
  46. Strangeville Pumkin
  47. Summer Rays
  48. Trebu Cliché
  49. Tribel Red
  50. Trifel tripel
  51. Tunguska
  52. Viennese Vienna Lager
  53. White Rajah
  54. Winter Warmer


AlTerier Motive


Awesome IPL

Awesome IPL

Limited Release (visit Page)


Four C's 


Babee Bock


Big Woody


Black Rajah - The Brew Kettle

Black Rajah


Blarney Stone


Cherry Red Ale


Chestnut Brown


Chiefs Rye


Dark Helmet

Seasonal - in stores


Der Sommer Weizen

Paste Magazine Article




Elaborate Ruse



El Lupulo Libre


Erie Gold Amerikolsch






F.N. Awesome


Gigantische Holzig


GranDaddy’s CAPPP



Imperial Red Eye


Irish Red


Jack Hammer


Journey Tour Variety 6 Pack

Journey Tour Variety 6pack



Jungle Rajah




Kitka Milk Stout

Kitka Chocolate Milk Stoutvisit page


Lake BeErie

L'Hazy Mango (draft only)


Lil' Hammer


Mac Daddy Scotch Ale


Mashie Niblic


Mod Quad



Neo Brown






Old 21

Old 21

Year Round - in stores


One Eyed Jack

One Eyed Jack


Rocksino - Find Your Rythm




Safe Space


Sour Patch Dudes


Simcoe Sessionable


Strangeville Pumkin


Summer Rays



Trebu Cliché

Draft Only


Tribel Red


Trifel Tripel




Viennese Vienna Lager


White Rajah

Year Round - in stores

White Rajah


Winter Warmer

Seasonal - in stores

Winter Warmer

The Brew Kettle Logo

The Brew Kettle PMS colors

The Brew Kettle Logo one color


The brew Kettle reverse knockout

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background is green

The Brewe Kettle Logo

The Brew Kettle logo black and white

Big Woody Logo

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Trailer pics and dimensions

Trailer Wrap and dimensions<<PDF with dimensions

Large Green Trailer

Brewhouse Flyer 11x17 (pdf) 

Tap Handle Dimensions

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