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Everything you need to know about your labels.

Your label must identify your product as beer, ale, porter, stout, lager, pilsner or the brand name registered by the brew kettle (just plain brew won't do!) This page is for the 4x3 color labels only.

common questions about your labels and bottling

  • Is it too late to send labels for brewing? It depends, send them immediatly to labels@thebrewkettle.com or upload them on the form below..
  • We always confirm we received your email after it is printed. Please give us at least 48 hours (excluding weekends).
  • If you email us Friday night after 5pm, it is possible you may not see a confirmation until Tuesday as the orders back up all weekend. We do not print on Saturday or Sunday. If you send your label in Saturday for a Saturday appointment, your label will not be ready for you when you bottle.
  • Please include your BOTTLING date and NAME with your email.
  • We would be glad to help with your design, upload your image and add the instructions to your in the comments box.

We accept the following formats

  • Preferred file *.jpeg or *.jpg
  • We also accept *.bmp, *.tiff, *.gif, and *.pdf
  • We can accept *.psd and *.ai files. If you feel they need to be adjusted by us, leave the layers, if they are complete, export the *.jpg file and upload it. This will prevent conversion discrepancies.

Not accepted.

  • Publisher files and PowerPoint. (hint) Both these programs will export your file into a *.jpg file. File, "save as" *.jpg. Reason? You may use a font we don't have and your design will get printed wrong.


Label Sanmple


Design Templates

If you have access to Photoshop/Illustrator and/or Word, you can download design templates below to help you with the size and dimensions of your design. YOU MUST HAVE THESE PROGRAMS TO VIEW THESE TEMPLATES.  Please export the finished file to a *.jpg for best results.