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Firkin Thursday

Firkin Thursdays! (strongsville Location)

What are firkin Thursdays all about?

Firkin Thursdays are when the Brew Kettle offers Real Ale or Cask-Conditioned Ales every Thursday of the month. These are ales that have been specially prepared in a 10.8 gallon cask or firkin. The ale is neither filtered nor pasteurized and goes through  a secondary fermentation.


Extra fermentable sugars and yeast are added to the firkin sometimes along with extra hops. This extra fermentation creates alcohol and carbon dioxide which "gases" up the beer.  Its the secondary fermentation that allows the complex and interesting flavors to develop and produce a beer of far more character and taste than the non-real version. The cellar or room temperature firkin is either served by gravity feed through a tap or a beer engine or hand pump.


At the Brew Kettle you will see our hand pump located on the bar towards the front entrance.  You may have your favorite TBK beer but wait until you have it Firkin Style, you are bound to fall in love!