Brew Your Own Beer (Strongsville Location)


The Brewing Process

Click here for Brewing BrochureAt the BREW Kettle in Strongsville Ohio, you are the brewer. We’ll provide you with the recipes, ingredients and assistance while you brew and bottle your favorite style of beer. The BREW Kettle offers over 70 different recipes to choose from.Our Brewmaster and winner of 24 National Brew-On-Premise Competition Medals (including 11 Golds), has created each recipe to be technically accurate as described in the style guide for America’s largest beer event, The Great American Beer Festival.

To get started, select a recipe that fits your style of beer. If you're not sure, one of our brew coaches can help you select a style. After you brew your beer, we let it ferment in a temperature controlled room for a few weeks (depending on the recipe) then we filter it, carbonate it, and keg it. It is then ready for you to come and bottle it.

Scheduling and Appointments

The Brew On Premise (B.O.P) is booked months in advance. To make an appointment, you must call 440-239-8788 after 1pm Monday through Friday, and after 9am Saturday. We are unable to schedule a brew session online. 

How far out appointments are booked depends on what time of the week you're looking for. Weekends are booked months in advance. Weeknights after 5 would be a month or two. Weekday afternoon appointments are readily available around 1:30pm.


Occasionally Brewing appointments open up due to cancelations. Cancellations are announced on our twitter and Facebook pages. Be the first to call when we announce an opening and you may be able to fill in that kettle(s).

Additional Information

  • Bottles: Extra costs may include bottles and labels for your beer. One batch makes  72, 20oz bottles (gauranteed). You will need to purchase these bottles from us at 80 cents a piece. You may re-use these bottles should you make another batch.
  • Custom Labels: Labels are required by law to be put on your bottles after you bottle. You may choose a 4x3 full color customized label for $20, or a 2x4 black and white label for $10. If you dont get your labels in time, we always have a geneneric BEER label to put on your bottles at the $7.50 price.

Label Information


  • PROPER STORAGE: Keep your bottles upright - Never lay them on their sides. Store your beer in a refrigerator or at “cellar” temperature. A cool, dark spot in your basement is better than a garage; temperature fluctuation is bad for your beer.
  • CLEANING: Empty all contents of the bottle. Immediately rinse the bottle with warm tap water—TWICE. Place the bottle upside-down in its corrugated case. Once the bottles are clean, store them at cellar temperature or cooler to prevent bacterial growth during storage.