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The Brew Kettle Beers

Lake BeErie

A “sessionable” Pilsner with a large portion of malted wheat for a smooth mouth feel and easy drinkability. Generously hopped late in the kettle with a blend of German hops for a pleasantly hoppy flavor and aroma.

4.8% Alc./Vol. 21 IBUs
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Black Jack Porter

One Eyed Jack

A full bodied and complex dark ale with flavor notes of coffee and chocolate complementing its big malty character.

6.6% Alc./Vol. 50 IBUs
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Summer Solstice

Our take on a Belgian style unfiltered wheat ale brewed with raw wheat and flaked oats and spiced with coriander and orange & lemon peel.

5.3% Alc./Vol. 25 IBUs
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Jack Hammer Barley Wine

The biggest beer we brew! This beer is all about malt and it dominates the flavor with just enough hops to keep this malty beast in check.

11% Alc./Vol. 40 IBU
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Dark Helmet

A true TBK original, we kick this German-style black lager up a couple notches. Big clean malty flavor with just a hint of roasted malt. "May the Schwartz be with you!"

9.0% Alc./Vol. 45 IBUs
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Tunguska Imperial Stout

Tunguska Imperial Stout

Thick and black as oil, this rich imperial stout is complex yet smooth. Rounded roastiness with flavor notes of coffee, chocolate and dark fruit dominate a intense explosion of flavor

10.8% Alc./Vol. 60 IBUs

White Rajah

White Rajah

A West Coast style IPA full of citrus-like and tropical fruit like hop flavor and aroma with an assertive yet smooth bitter finish....malt, take a back seat please.

6.8% Alc/ Vol. 70 IBUs
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4 C's Pale Ale

A malty pale with Cascade, Centennial, Columbus and Chinook hops creating a citrus and piney flavor and assertive bitterness.

5.0% Alc./Vol. 55 IBUs
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Old 21 Imperial IPA

A Big, Bold, imperial IPA! The clean malt plays a supporting role to the straight up Simcoe hops through and through that give this varietal hop bomb its bang.

9.0% Alc./Vol. 90 IBUs
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Imperial Red Eye PA

Red Eye PA Combining the resiny, citrus hop character of Simcoe, Summit and Amarillo hops with the caramel/munich malt flavors typical of a red ale gives this IPA a different "look" compared to most.

7.0% Alc./Vol. 65 IBUs

Mac Daddy

Mac Daddy Scotch Ale

A traditional style Scotch ale or “Wee Heavy”, This beer is big and malty with notes of kettle caramelization and just a wee more than a hint of smoke.

8.8% Alc./Vol. 24 IBUs

Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer

A Christmas Ale packed with the spices of the holidays; cinnamon, ginger, orange & lemon peel, and a sleigh load of honey. A beer thats loaded with holiday cheer!

8.2% Alc./Vol. 25 IBUs

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Amber hued with a rich malty character from a blend of German malts with just a touch of German Tettnang hops for added complexity.

6% ABV 23 IBUs

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Black Rajah

Black Rajah

A Black IPA full of tropical fruit players and assertive bitterness and a hint of roasted malt. Featuring Citra hops.

6.8% ABV 70 IBUs

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Strangeville Pumkin

Strangeville Pumpkin Ale

A 150 pounds of pumpkin and butternut squash with all the traditional pumpkin pie spices give this spiced aale its smooth but not over the top classic fall flavor.

6.5% ABV 22 IBUs

Kitka Stout

Kitka Stout

A traditional Milk Stout with additions of milk sugar for added sweetness. We then add cocoa powder and melted belgian chocolate in the boil and "dry spiced" with an organic coconut flakes after fermentation

7.25% ABV 22 IBUs

Big Woody

Big Woody

A light and refreshing malty lager brewed in the Munich style and tradition.

5.0% ABV 18 IBUs

Ruddy Rye

Ruddy Rye

An easy drinking Amber Pale Ale made with 30% rye malt, crystal malt and blend of hops to create a spicy, citrus-like flavor with hints of caramel and a medium bitter finish. (retired)

5.5% ABV 35 IBUs

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El Lupulo Libre

El Lupulo Libré

Light amber-hued hop monster brewed with Mosaic and other American hop varieties. Brewed Vienna malt and flaked corn for smooth malt flavor but a lighter body in this hop WAY forward brew.

8.8% ABV 88 IBUs

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